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My daughter had these potted plants that we forgot to water all the time so they didn't look too good. So I planted them each in a jar, poured in some water and screwed the lid on. Now I don't need to water them or tend to them in any way and they just keep growing and growing!

Plants in a jar

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Every time I'm shopping at flea markets or second hand stores I keep finding these glass vases and jars that I just can't resist buying. It has turned into quite a collection and here is part of.
*think to myself*
I have to stop doing this, I don't have room for any more...

Collection of glas...

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So this is what I'v been doing today. I'v had these frames hanging empty on the wall ever since I moved in. My intention was to have some nice photos of my family in them, but I never got around to develop those photos. So this is what I did instead. I cut out pages of an old book and grabbed my daughter's watercolors. I also painted the mirror frame and some of the frames black.

And I want to pain...

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I found this super cute lamp foot in a flea market and I couldn't resist buying it. It's and old pitcher that someone has upcycled. Then I made a lamp shade for it out of an old lace ribbon that I had laying around.

Lace ribbon lampshade

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So they finally put up the new wallpapers in my kitchen, hallway and the children's room. And I did the painting of the battens/laths (not sure about the wordfor that in english, would appreciate if someone told me) myself. I'm actually very happy with the result! But it took it's time to finish.

I did the painting!

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You know those super cute mini succulents that people plant in wine corks. I tried that... The result wasn't very successful. It is very hard to keep them alive. Either they dry out or drowns in water. Instead I made these with artificial succulents. The larger ones look more realistic and the price is accordingly. But then I mixed them up with cuttings from larger cheaper plants. The little poison bottle is filled with water and food color.

Corked up succulen...

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I have, for quite a long period of time now, been sewing on a couch cover. Today it was finished! I bought the fabric in a second-hand shop. It's a sheet and a curtain that has been given new life.

Funky couch!

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Welcome to my new blog!
My first post will be about cleaning.
Today I have been cleaning in my common-law husband to be's apartment and I felt that I wanted to share my best tips on effective cleaning with you. Because whichever way you look at interior decorating, it will never look good if you don't keep it clean!
My first tip is a bit unexpected. Shop for cleaningsupplies in a paintware store!
¤ Those large sponges that they sell are so much more effective for wiping than a cloth or a regular kitchen sponge.
¤ Detergent that is intended to be used before you paint, will solve almost anything. I wiped off burnt stains from the oven door in a couple of minutes.
¤ A time-consuming mistake that alot of people do, is to wipe the dust around with a damp cloth that won't pick it up. Use a dry cloth instead!
¤ When you clean windows and mirrors, wipe with a dry cloth until the surface is dry to avoid getting lines.
¤ Put some laundry rinse in water and spray on your curtains to get a nice scent in the room.
My first post, done!
Hope to see you again soon!

Dirty doings...